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As a global leader in marine electrical systems and components, Mastervolt is once again a proud and dedicated race supplier of the legendary Volvo Ocean Race. Here, at the world’s longest sporting event, we fulfill our ambitious mission: the power to be independent. This independency from the grid is what we offer the teams during their 45.000 nautical miles around the world. All participating boats will be powered by the same innovative power system, centered around our famous Mastervolt Lithium Ion batteries and CZone digital switching. We wish all crews a safe journey across four oceans,

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Nick Holland of the M-Team reports from the Team Brunel boat in Cardiff, the location where the boats finished after leg 9 in the Volvo Ocean Race. He talks to Dan Jowett, Boatyard Electronics Team Leader of the Volvo Ocean Race. They walk you through a VO65 boat to have a look at the safety and communications systems on board. Dan shares with us the secrets behind the extremely crucial antenna frame on deck and the navigation station below deck.

Meet the M-Team

During the full race Mastervolt’s M-Team, a dedicated team of technical specialists, will be available for the crews. The M-Team will man the technical support hotline and at each and every stopover a Mastervolt engineer is available to monitor the systems on board of every vessel and help out when problems arise.

Meet The M-Team