Volvo Ocean Race

Meet Dennis de Beer

Team Leader Application Engineering

Dennis is team leader of the department Application Engineering at Mastervolt. He is responsible for the team of Mastervolt people who provide service in the VO65’s.

What is your job within Mastervolt?

I am Application Engineer and team leader of the department Application Engineering. Our department provides technical sales support to our customers in a very broad and diverse way; from daily support on telephone and e-mail to extensive onsite training on applications on site as well exhibitions. All in all a great job!

How long have you been working for Mastervolt?

I started in 1999 as a service/field engineer. In 2008 I moved to the Technical Sales department, dealing with direct accounts and supporting customers on the front end of the sales process. This was really something new and challenging. Since 2008 the application team has expanded as Mastervolt is a leading company in new technology and new products are introduced rapidly. All in all a very interesting 15 years of working with Mastervolt and not a day that I am bored. 

How are you involved in the VOR?

I am overall responsible for the technical support and service during the race at all stop overs. Although it may sounds cliché, I really want to point out that we can only succeed because we have a dedicated team of people which work flawlessly as a team, and remind that between some of us is just a small 18000kilometers... That really proves we are a global operating company.

At which ports of the VOR will you be present?

Prior to the start of the first leg I was in Alicante. My colleagues had done great preparation work, so basically I was over to meet with the teams and make sure that everything was set and done for the first leg. At the moment I am scheduled for the most legendary stop-over in Auckland beginning of March. Somebody has to do it, right?! All boats get their extensive service check including haul out, so I expect not much time for sightseeing. I do take into account that I might be present at another stop-over.

What was your first reaction when you heard about the cooperation between Mastervolt and the VOR?

Really enthusiastic and proud! Ok, to be honest, some thoughts passed my mind about the extreme conditions these boats will undertake, but I also realized that all the products in all seven boats are “off the shelf “ equipment which is used in hundreds of boats and other extreme applications, so rational thinking, this can be a great success and we manage it! This was the summit to show the world we are really the best in what we do!

What does this cooperation means for you?

Apart from all the responsibilities it also makes you realize that I work with a great team and the best products. On top of that, the Volvo Ocean Race event is a nice and exciting time.

What do you find most exciting of your/Mastervolt’s involvement in the VOR?

Apart from the traveling experiencing and the vibe in the VOR village, it is really exciting to see that all boats encounter the extreme ocean conditions in every leg and reach the finish safe and sound.

What stands out most during your recent/current visit at VOR?

The fact that all teams have such a faith in our system.

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