Volvo Ocean Race

Meet Stuart Ingram

General sales Manager for Mastervolt-Marinco for the Mediterranean Area

How long have you been working for Mastervolt?

I’ve worked for Mastervolt for 10 years.

How are you involved in the VOR? What are your responsibilities concerning the VOR?

Being the sales Manager for the Mediterranean area it made sense that I got involved on the customer entertainment/VIP side. Being an Official race supplier meant we had access to some great privileges like the Jamie O’ boatyard and skipper terrace breakfast, presentations and a day out for the In-port race on the Boatyard VIP boat, with our local VIP customers from Spain, for the Alicante start, and then in Lisbon for the return to Europe.

What was your first reaction when you heard about the cooperation between Mastervolt and the VOR?

I was very excited, as I was involved with this event 20 yrs ago (in those days The Whitbread race) and made the technical support for the winch, hardware and hydraulic supplier at the time, it was great to be back.

What does this cooperation means for you?

Global recognition that these very hi-tech and innovative product perform in the harshest conditions. Both MLI and Czone are looked upon in our OEM business as being a “risky” product, we showed the opposite. I’m the account manager for yards like the Beneteau Group, and as we speak it is helping us win business….

What do you find most exciting of your/Mastervolt’s involvement in the VOR?

It’s Global (as we are), running for 10 months, and at the pinnacle of sailing, and all that with standard off the shelf products that anyone can buy Globally.

What are the biggest challenges in this project for you?

Making sure we shout it out loud all over the planet, and get the best coverage, the real job starts after the race finishes to evaluate how long the “buzz” goes on, and how to get the most of it, also try and evaluate the real €/$ return in business!!

What stands out most during your recent/current visit at VOR?

The professionalism of the whole event. Volvo have a Global travelling Yacht Race “Circus” going around the World that is a prime act, this will grow real big, it’s just the start, and the Teams and sailors seem to have identified that also.

Which VOR team is your favorite? And why?

DongFeng; partially French Team (I’ve lived here for 35yrs), and a mixture of Chinese “wildcard” sailors that haven’t ever experience this type of thing before, they never give up, and without the mast breaking, they may well be in the lead today, so a great achievement.

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